Hubbard International

Reinventing the Future

Hubbard International - Hubbard Genesis Corporation Corporate Logo

Hubbard International is reshaping the future using innovative technology to create lasting change in our global economy. Our mission is to provide superior products and services while leaving the world in far better condition then it was when we started. We take pride in the fact that we are developing new business in our owner’s home state of South Dakota. However, we continue to branch out as our business and audience grows. We are thankful for the success we have so far achieved.

Hubbard International is the property of Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC), a South Dakota technology company, which has three core business divisions:

We have two important customer categories; our clients and our employees. We understand HGC’s customer service is only as great as our employees. Our employees are assets, not liabilities. We understand that great employees make great products and provide superior customer service. That is why we reinvest most of our profits back into our company and its people. Our bylaws reflect our position by ensuring employees are treated as well as our customers. And it is every employee’s job is to ensure our customers are completely satisfied as well.

HGC was first created in 2004 and we have been a South Dakota company since 2008. We have been a positive force in South Dakota for over 10 years. Next year marks our first decade in business and we look forward to what we will accomplish together in the decades to come.

Hubbard International is looking to build a brighter future for everyone.